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My name is Jan, a guy from Slovakia (a beautiful country in the centre of Europe), working in Human Resources area. I graduated from Masaryk University in Psychology.

I've been involved with the Amiga since 1994. I remember we (together with my brother Lukas) bought an Amiga 500 just because we saw a breathtaking screenshot of some Amiga game in a magazine. A M I G A? Hmm, we must have it! :-) We were shocked by the graphics and excellent sounds when the Amiga finally arrived. We were used to "Didaktik Gama" before, a Slovak clone of ZX Spectrum :-) Our first Amiga game ever was Vrooom! Beautiful memories. Then we bought an Amiga 1200 and our game experience increased even more. Once we bought a harddisk and 1240 turbocard expansion, I became in Workbench, especially it's visual and functional design. I've set up quite a powerfull Workbench (if you consider that I was limited by lack of speed and the AGA chipset). Once my brother bought a PC, I experienced the shock again! I mean, the WinUAE capabilities that allowed me to use the transparency feature of MagicMenu. I had never seen such a feature with AGA before, of course! I started experimenting a little, but the speed of the PC did not allow me to do any more. Then I moved to the Czech Republic (because of my studies) while my Amiga hardware stayed at home. Meanwhile, fortunately, the speed of the PCs have increased and I was able to use WinUAE just like my „real“ thing before…


AmiKit was created while listening to Shpongle  

AKReal is an unofficial conversion of AmiKit for real Amiga computers.

Compared to original AmiKit,
AKReal is heavily modified,
and graphics quality is lowered.

If you have any question, please use Support Thread or contact Retrofan.

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