C64 Forever "R2" 

Experience the legendary Commodore 64 on your Windows!


To allow you to experience and relive the wonders of this unique computer, Cloanto, developers of Commodore/Amiga software since the 1980s, has introduced C64 Forever, a revolutionary preservation, emulation and support package. C64 Forever embodies an intuitive player interface, backed by a built-in database containing more than 5,000 C64 game entries, and advanced support for the new RP9 format, dubbed the "MP3 of retrogaming".


NOTE: The prices of the products here are the same or lower as are found on the official www.c64forever.com page.








    Downloadable Plus Edition

    This is a 200 MB download for Windows, featuring the full Plus Edition functionality, but without the packaging (you can burn your own CD). [details]






    Boxed Plus Edition

    Includes a portable run-from-medium environment. When ordering online, an additional download link is provided (to install the software while the physical package is delivered). [details]







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