"AKReal" ?

It's a 16 color version of AmiKit (see below) adjusted to work with real Amigas AGA computers.

The AKReal, maintained by Retrofan, is NOT official NOR covered by the official AmiKit project. 


And what is the "AmiKit" about?

AmiKit is a free project, powered by enthusiasm, that turns your computer, tablet or phone into legendary Amiga.

It includes more than 350 pre-installed Amiga programs ready to use.

For more information please visit the official AmiKit project website.



Requirements of "AKReal"

For AKReal to work, you do need real Amiga computer or, in case of emulation, Amiga ROM and Operating System (included with Amiga Forever).

AKReal is tested to work with an Amiga with AGA chipset and at least 16 Mb of RAM under emulation, although at least an ACA or 030 accelerator is recommended for real, and it doesn't need FPU.

ACA's accelerators run fine, and you can setup your ACATune for them. You also can use a Fast ATA, Indivision or any other hardware that can run normally in your Amiga. If you are using an Apollo you should be aware of the problems it has with BB2, but RemApollo on Aminet should fix that.



If you have any question please visit Support Thread.


It's free, but you can contribute with whatever amount you feel it is worth.

AKReal is an unofficial conversion of AmiKit for real Amiga computers.

Compared to original AmiKit,
AKReal is heavily modified,
and graphics quality is lowered.

If you have any question, please use Support Thread or contact Retrofan.

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