This is the changelog of 'AmiKit for Real Amiga'

v1. 0 (May-2014) 

- ADDED:       Riva by Stephen Fellner.
- ADDED:       ToolsDaemon by Nico Francois for Workbench.
- ADDED:       More Wallpapers.
- ADDED:       Opendrawer 0.1 by Juergen Reinert.
- ADDED:       Workbench2000 to WBStartup/Disabled drawer.
- ADDED:       RadioStations drawer.
- ADDED:       Env-handler by Stephan Rupprecht.
- ADDED:       New Start Menus with the Dark AmiKit Logo.
- ADDED:       Six more themes to the Classic Themes option of MorpheuZ.
- ADDED:       Booting Startup sound from the WBStartup. Sounds by DjNick.
- ADDED:       64 Modules to EaglePlayer/Modules.
- ADDED:       RandomFile by Thomas Rapp.
- ADDED:       RebootStart V42 by Aldo Bianchi.
- DISABLED:  Four skins in the Classic Themes.
- DISABLED:  Startup sound on Magellan.
- DELETED:    Soundmonplay.library from AmiNetRadio libs.
- DELETED:    Leon and TheMorningTrip demos. They weren't working right.
- UPDATED:   PTPlay 2.6 library by Ronald Hof, Timm S. Mueller, Per Johansson and Ilkka Lehtoranta to AmiNetRadio libs.
- UPDATED:   HTMLview.mcc 12.6 by Allan Odgaard to MUI.
- UPDATED:   BDWatch 1.5 by Thomas Rapp.
- UPDATED:   BDSlide 2.5 by Thomas Rapp.
- UPDATED:   gtlayout.library 47.2 by Olaf Barthel.
- CHANGED:  TinyMeter Dock bar.
- CHANGED:  TinyMeter on Magellan bar.
- CHANGED:  Workbench2000 backdrop and excludes for BDSlide and BDWatch.
- CHANGED:  Startup-Sequence.
- CHANGED:  AmiNetRadio config.
- CHANGED:  FullPalette.prefs.
- CHANGED:  MetalBrush and Golden skins.
- CHANGED:  GUI prefs for Dark AmiKit Logo.
- CHANGED:  SimpleMail images remapped to 16 colors.
- CHANGED:  FreeWheel config.
- CHANGED:  Reaction backdrop.
- CHANGED:  Start Menus icons changed.
- CHANGED:  Ftp module of Opus5.
- CHANGED:  User menu.


v0.5 beta (Dec-2013)

- ADDED:      BDWatch by Thomas.
- ADDED:      BDSlide by Thomas.
- ADDED:      WBStartup++.
- ADDED:      WBRun.
- ADDED:      UAEquit.
- ADDED:      z.library
- ADDED:      Clock faces drawer.
- ADDED:      Slide drawer in Prefs/Presets.
- ADDED:      New Wallpapers (Prefs/Presets/Backdrops).
- ADDED:      ShutDown button in Tools.
- ADDED:      TinyMeter dock bar now also for Workbench/Scalos.
- ADDED:      New booting music by Gibs.
- ADDED:      Copymem by MattHey.
- ADDED:      MinStack by Peter Keunecke.
- ADDED:      SaferPatches by Thomas Richter.
- ADDED:      Poolmem by Thomas Richter.
- ADDED:      VBRControl by Guido Mersmann.
- ADDED:      ACATune version 1.7 (installable option with MorpheuZ).
- ADDED:      Two more Start Menus now camouflaged on the title bar.
- ADDED:      BlackBorder.
- UPDATED:  IconLib 46.4.326 by Peter Keunecke.
- UPDATED:  MorpheuZ options.
- CHANGED: AmigaAmp MorphOS skin remapped to 16 colors.
- CHANGED: Reboot option on User Menu to use Command instead of AmigaDos.
- CHANGED: Startup-Sequence to include new functions to speed up the System.
- CHANGED: ACATune on Startup-Sequence and User-Startup.
- CHANGED: Scripts to disable CyberBugFix, now they are on Tools.
- CHANGED: AmiStart's preferences.

Thanks a lot to Thomas for helping making the installer, programs, etc, PeterK and James for their support, Mfilos with some tips and to Gibs for his great booting song. Also thanks to Guido Mersmann for VBRControl, MattHey for CopyMem, Thomas Richter for SaferPatches and PoolMem, Jens from Individual Computers for his ACATune, and again to PeterK for MinStack.


v0.4 beta (Oct-2013)

In the first place you will find a nice and easy to use update installer which delivers the following:

- ADDED:      MMULib by Thomas Richter. Now you have 040 and 060 libraries to use with your accelerator or under emulation with WinUAE.  
- ADDED:      Enforcer program by Michael Sinz. This is a debugging tool, just in the case you want to install something new now you can test it.
- ADDED:      New wallpapers for 1024x768 and 800x600. Remapped to 16 colors and also to 256 colors.
- ADDED:      New Game: AmigaParachute.  A masterpiece of Gibs.
- ADDED:      New Browser: NetSurfAGA Beta. FPU needed (by now).
- ADDED:      TinyMeter program.
- ADDED:      Custom Magellan Taskbar as Start Menu or as Taskbar integrated with TinyMeter.
- ADDED:      New "Preferences" option for MorpheuZ.
- CHANGED: New menu images for Workbench 2000. Four options how to install it.
- CHANGED: New patterns.
- CHANGED: Skins of SilverBlue and SilverGreen changed.
- CHANGED: New icons for games and PicShow.
- CHANGED: bgui.library now using the 020 version.
- FIXED:        Themes fixed and changed to 16 colors.
- UPDATED:  Icon.library 46.4.326 by Peter Keunecke.

Thanks a lot to Thomas Richter for the MMULib, Michael Sinz for Enforcer, PeterK for his icon.library, Gibs for AmigaParachute and Arti for his NetSurfAGA conversion. Also thanks to Novacoder for his help on this last, Thomas like always, and to James for his great tips betatesting it.


v0.3 beta (May-2013)

- ADDED:       AmiDock re-positioned re-positioned, so it will seem transparent. 
- ADDED:       New AmiDock icon on the Workbench2000 bar.
- ADDED:       Chewaka's voice for WookieChat on AmiDock.
- ADDED:       AmiNetRadio installed and working without FPU.
- ADDED:       AmiStart installed and working without FPU and RTG (a very powerful Amiga is required).
- ADDED:       General PCMCIA support; DH0 and Fat95, so most of the cards should work.
- ADDED:       More wallpapers and a new 256 colors drawer.
- ADDED:       New bootpics to choose.
- CHANGED: Changed the top bar text to ""
- CHANGED: Changed position-info for Magellan icons.
- CHANGED: FreeWheel running from the WBStartup now. Run Exchange commodity to configure it.
- CHANGED: HippoPlayer running with BlurScope as a new option on Workbench2000 bar.
- UPDATED:  IconLib 46.4.284 by Peter Keunecke.
Thanks a lot to Thomas and PeterK for their continuous support!


v0.2 beta (Mar-2013)

- Installation method changed so Windows is no more required to install AmiKit!
- New icon.library 46.4.279 by Peter Keunecke. Icons load 15%-20% faster!
- Changed WB2000 preferences (WookieChat opens right now)
- Changed WB prefs (memory in other memory instead of graphic memory)
- Changed SongPlayer prefs
- Fixed Def icon ( so now you can open all the devices correctly
And.... we've added a voice for MorpheuZ :)


v0.1 beta (Jan-2013)

- Initial release. AmiKit 1.6.4 adapted for real Amiga machines.


AKReal is an unofficial conversion of AmiKit for real Amiga computers.

Compared to original AmiKit,
AKReal is heavily modified,
and graphics quality is lowered.

If you have any question, please use Support Thread or contact Retrofan.

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