Unofficial 16 color conversion based on AmiKit 8

AKReal 9 CHANGELOG (October 2017)

- ADDED        Many tweaks under the hood improving stability and performance of AKReal
- ADDED:       Exclusive Retro Switch from AmiKit. Check it out in MorpheuZ.
- ADDED:       Exclusive AmiStart v0.70 from AmiKit by Darius Brewka
- ADDED:       iGame script icon launcher
- ADDED:       UAE 4.4 (11.08.04) for AHI, based on Paula by Martin Blom, changed for WinUAE by Bernd Roesch.
- ADDED:       CoolCALC v.0.1 by Richard Kapp including some skins that you can try out.
- ADDED:       OpenTyrian game port by Artur Jarosik (Jan 2017)
- ADDED:       MiniSlug game port Artur Jarosik (June 2017)
- ADDED:       New TinyMeter prefs "Right Bar" available in MorpheuZ, Preferences, TinyMeter & Docks
- ADDED:       ButtonMenu V1.23 by Oliver Roberts
- ADDED:       DigiClock 1.4 by Thomas Rapp including new Flip-Clock option
- ADDED:       New AmiStart script in WBStartup/Disabled with new AmiStart prefs
- ADDED:       ProTracker 23e beta by Olav @8bitbubsy Download/Update script installer
- ADDED:       100 best Modules Selection by @Estrayk
- ADDED:       New FourOneBirdie theme for VisualPrefs and Birdie based on FourOne by Ken Lester
- ADDED:       TinyLauncher 3.51 by Michael Gibs. Use it with AGA or use ABS while rebooting.
- ADDED:       New "Starfish" and "Girl robot latex" plus 16 colors "Lanny" wallpapers.
- ADDED:       Amiga Boot Selector 0.4 by Gibs. Press the right mice button while booting to start it.
- ADDED:       New "AKReal 9 Icons" option in MorpheuZ to try new icons or to keep the original ones.
- UPDATED:   Icon.library 46.4.454 by Peter Keunecke
- UPDATED:   Riva 0.52 by Stephen Fellner and Henryk Richter
- UPDATED:   IBrowse settings. Yep, now you can OPEN your Gmail account.
- UPDATED:   AmiSSL 4.0 by Jens Maus
- UPDATED:   WHDLoad 18.3 by Bert Jahn
- UPDATED:   MUIRoyale 1.7 by Andreas Falkenhahn
- UPDATED:   EvenMore 0.91 - special AmiKit version by Chris Perver
- UPDATED:   AmigaAMP 3.22 by Thomas Wenzel
- UPDATED:   MUI-5.0-2017R3 by MUI AmigaOS development team
- UPDATED:   AfA_OS v4.8 by Bernd Roesch
- UPDATED:   LoadModule 45.9 by T.Richter and E.Vogt
- UPDATED:   NetSurf and NetSurfAGA v37 Dev by Artur Jarosik (Sep 2017)
- CHANGED:  CoolCALC now replaces Calculator program in WBDock and MacLikeDock
- CHANGED:  AKReal logo with new design by Ken Lester
- CHANGED:  PatchASL with MUI 5 update
- CHANGED:  AWeb prefs
- CHANGED:  MacLikeDock position, now it's higher to fit the larger AmiStart logos
- CHANGED:  ENVARC:FBlit.cfg. Enabled the "Inline" synchronisation of QBSBlitPatch
- FIXED:         Iconifying ModExplorer with RTG in WinUAE. Do "Icons Reset" and "Snapshot" if you don't see it.
- FIXED:         AmiStart icon launcher from WBStartup and AmiStart options
- FIXED:         MI-Soul radio streaming pls file stopped working
- FIXED:         IconMaker files

AKReal is a collection of 350+ programs for real Amiga AGA computers based on AmiKit 8

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