The unofficial conversion of AmiKit 8 for real Amiga.

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The project is free, but you can contribute with whatever amount you feel it is worth.


19.02.2017 - AKReal 8.8 released!

We're proud to present new AKReal version! Check Support Thread for detailed change log.

Download the fresh installation archive or update your existing installation with integrated Live Update.

Have fun!


09.10.2016 - AKReal 8.7 released!

Download the new version. Check Support Thread for more news.


25.02.2015 - AKReal 8.3 live update released!

A new update is ready for you. Simply boot your AKReal and the Live Update program takes care of the rest. Here's what's new. Enjoy!


08.02.2015 - AKReal 8.2 live update released!

We are happy to announce the release of the new update of AKReal – the unofficial conversion of AmiKit for real Amiga machines.  

This on-line update is delivered to your AKReal installation via its Live Update feature. Simply boot your AKReal 8.1 and new update will be found automatically. Just confirm and install.

Full installation archive is available for free from download area.


AKReal 8.2 includes regular AmiKit 8.2 update (see below) plus some extras like MacLikeDock (works with RTG only), update of RandomFile and MMULib which are integrated into MorpheuZ now. MUI global prefs, Better Config (in Tools) and BDSlide have been improved as well.

AKReal 8.2 also includes new visual themes (AmigaOS, BlueGradient and HipClone), new start menu button (HipTheme) and more wallpapers. New MorpheuZ option lets you choose from 8 themes for IBrowse. 

Mattahan's icon set will be updated for those who use it. If you like Ken’s Icons, we’ve prepared 16 colours edition of his icon set. Only 16+16 colours are used for each icon now (instead of 512) which means a massive speed up for real Amiga machines.

Many thanks to Thomas Rapp for his RandomFile and great help with this update, Paul E. Bloedel for his MacLikeDock, Thomas Richter for his MMULib, Peter Keunecke, James Stalham and others.

If you like this project, please consider donating.

Have Fun !!


19.12.2014 - AKReal 8.1 released!

We are happy to announce the new release of AKReal with full and update installers!

AKReal8.1 now contains AmiTradeCenter program in Internet drawer and also two more Radio Streams in AmiKit:Utilities/Expansion/RadioStations/Scripts folder. All of Start Menus have been updated to support Radio streams and we also included new "Storm" wallpaper.

AmiKit 8.1 delivers new MUI 4.0 (version r4283) as well as some other updates to IconLib 46.4.404, Wet 6.4 or WHDLoad 18.0. New MorpheuZ 2.1 now displays BETA message if DOpus5.91 is active. 

Icon images are stored in FastMem instead of ChipMem. 

Few minor bugs from previous version are addressed in this release.

The update installer also updates Mattahan's Icon Set for those using it. You can find the set and 16 Colors Ken´s Icon pack on our website.

Have a Merry Christmas!


08.12.2014 - AKReal 8 released!

We are happy to announce the release of the new full and update installers of AKReal!

Now including new programs like Rainboot v3.2 so now you can boot with a progress bar and select among eight configurations plus a random one, a new MorpheuZ with different images, voices and options, the Renegades Deluxe game, Cooper-Demon, a new IconMaker program by James Stalham to create your own icons or ScreenText by Thomas Rapp to welcome you with some info on screen.

With this update we are introducing two programs that are under development. MUI 4 is installed by default but you can revert to the 3.8 version using MorpheuZ, and the new DOpus 5.91 can also be installed with the help of MorpheuZ. 

Five more booting voices by DJNick that will play randomly when you boot, new wallpapers and patterns and many other improvements for example in the User Menu (Magellan) to directly edit the Startup-Sequence or User-Startup, updates like NetsurfAGA, changes on some preferences or a “Better Config” program on Tools that will let you use a “Top config” on WinUAE or powerful Amiga with just a click. Seven Icon-Scripts have been created to launch some radio streams with a double click or directly from a new dock on AmiDock.

The update installer will also update the Mattahan's Icons Set for those that are using it, and I am releasing also a 16 Colors Ken’s Icons pack that will use 32 colors for each one (16+16) instead of the 512 they normally use, and that will mean a huge boost on the icon’s speed.

Many thanks to Thomas Rapp for his great help with many options of the update, update of his ScreenText program or small scripts to run a lot of options, Dan Wood for sharing his Radio stream scripts, Andreas Falkenhahn for his Rainboot program and help, DJNick for his booting voices, Thilo Köhler for his help with ImageConverter, James Stalham for his new IconMaker program and Ken Lester for sharing his own scripts to create icons. Also thanks to Neil Kafferkey for the new Prism2V2, to M.C. Battilana and AmigaKit for sharing Personal Paint 7.1c. Thanks to Kycer/CSG for ksc_TotalReset and finally a great Thanks to Wayne Ashworth and Kevin Darbyshire for the update of the Renegades Deluxe game. 

Have fun!


11.06.2014 - AKReal v1.0 released

We are happy to announce the release of new full and update installers of AKReal!

Now including new programs like Riva or ToolsDaemon for Workbench, new FullPalette preferences (so now if you use sixteen colors your Ken's drawers aren't grey anymore), six new themes, more wallpapers, a drawer full of working radio Streams that you can use for example with AmiNetRadio, new options for MorpheuZ so you can use a faster Dock Bar for Workbench or Scalos without CPU meter, some more mods added, new boot sounds by DJNick and many small details changed on backdrops or images used on Workbench2000, on the TinyMeter Menu bar or with the icons used with the Start Menus.

Many thanks to Thomas for his great help with the installer, updates of his programs, etc, PeterK for his FullPalette preferences and support, James for his tips to improve it all, Stephen Fellner for Riva, Bernd for his help with AfAOS, DJNick for the booting sounds and to all the betatesters that have given support trying it.

The update installer will also update the Mattahan's Icons Set for those that are using it.

Have fun!

(change log)


17.12.2013 - AKReal v0.5 released

We are happy to announce the release of new full and update installers of AKReal!

New features include new programs like BDWatch, BDSlide, WBStartup++, BlackBorder and many more and two new Start Menus for Magellan - now they are located on screen's title bar! TinyMeter dock bar is also new - for those who prefer to use Workbench instead of Magellan. You can configure it using MorpheuZ.

Several programs have been added to Startup-Sequence to speed up the system (and now, if you have ACA, you can copy ACATune to "C" folder using MorpheuZ.) The commands to use the ACATune have been improved too; now we are using them in Startup-Sequence and in User-Startup through MMU.

Beautiful desktop clocks were added too (see screenshots below). There's a new booting song by Gibs (which you can choose in Startup-Sequence or if you are updating from v0.4 the installer lets you listen to booting songs first and then you can choose the one you like the most). New wallpapers were added as well. ShutDown button has been added to Tools.

Thanks a lot to Thomas for his help with installer, programs, etc, PeterK and James for their support, Mfilos for some tips and to Gibs for his great booting song. Also thanks to Guido Mersmann for VBRControl, MattHey for CopyMem, Thomas Richter for SaferPatches and PoolMem, Jens from Individual Computers for his ACATune, again to PeterK for MinStack and to all the betatesters that have given support trying it. 

We are also releasing the so awaited and absolutely new Mattahan's Icons Set. This is an optional add-on for AKReal v0.5 and higher. The icon set is intended for WinUAE or Amigas with powerful accelerators using enough amount of colors. The installation is reversible, of course. Many thanks to Mattahan for his permission to use his png icons, and also to JKSKetchy and to BlackCatLove1 for their permission to use the wonderful Black Cat as an icon for the AmiKit volume.

Merry Christmas!

(history log)


12.10.2013 - AKReal v0.4 released

We are happy to announce the release of new full and update archives of AKReal!

New features include more applications and a better WB2000 taskbar with four options how to install it: Full, Half, Lite and Light, so you can select the best option for your system (graphics vs speed). You will find new icons, patterns, and NetSurfAGA Beta. New wallpapers were added as well. We are introducing new custom made Magellan menu bar.

New  MorpheuZ option called "Preferences" allows you to choose from different configurations of Workbench2000 and TinyMeter or lets you install eg. 060 CPU library. It is advised to run MorpheuZ right after the installation of full archive so you adjust the options according to your taste. If you plan to update your previous AmiKit installation, those options can be set during the update process.

Thanks a lot to Thomas Richter for the MMULib, Michael Sinz for Enforcer, PeterK for his icon.library, Gibs for AmigaParachute and Arti for his NetSurfAGA conversion. Also thanks to Novacoder for his help on this last, Thomas like always, and to James for his great tips betatesting it.

Enjoy! (what's new in detail?)


17.05.2013 - New update is ready

 We are happy to announce the release of the so awaited update for AKReal version. New features include more applications and memory card support. Now you can use AmiDock or AmiStart for launching your applications, stream music with AmiNetRadio or use compact flash cards to transfer your data. New wallpapers were added as well. Enjoy!! (what's new?)


25.03.2013 - New version released

 New version increases the icon loading speed by 15% - 20% as well as fixes some minor problems of previous release. The new release is available as a full installation archive (which doesn't require Windows anymore) or as an update archive for your previous installation. Enjoy! (what's new?)


27.01.2013 - AKReal released!

 The original AmiKit has been adjusted and converted to 16 color version so now it can be used with real Amigas AGA computers too! This version is maintained by Retrofan. Please remember it's still in BETA stage and it is NOT covered by official AmiKit project. Your feedback is welcome! Thanks and enjoy!


AKReal is an unofficial conversion of AmiKit for real Amiga computers.

Compared to original AmiKit,
AKReal is heavily modified,
and graphics quality is lowered.

If you have any question, please use Support Thread or contact Retrofan.

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